• Blue Lagoon
    • bluelagoon

      Pure nature along with natural wildlife and picturesque scenery, can only describe this tour. Perfectly combining majestic villages, offering a unique experience of picking your own oranges from the trees , along with history and the traditional way of life.


  • Pleasures of Crete
    • bluelagoon

      Small fishing boats,fisherman preparing their nets to get ready to go out for a good catch,old Byzantine monasteries,tiny little villages,all those combined with olive oil and wine tasting, in a local wine distillery,after the three and a half hour tour, will make you feel like a real Cretan. Don"t miss it.


  • Seven Villages
    • seven-villages

      Off the beaten track, to discover inland scenery, ancient churches and hidden villages. A tour where the passage of time stands still and pure relaxation awaits!


  • Southern Comfort
    • bluelagoon

      A tour that offers a truly unique experience and true Cretan hospitality. Highlights of Crete’s 1941 battle, beer tasting in a Cretan brewery, sweet scented valleys, natural water springs and white mountains are all features of this wonderful tour.


  • Grand Canyon
    • bluelagoon

      This tour offers you the only chance to follow in the footsteps of Greece's greatest politician ever! The gorge is home to 215 species of Crete's wildest flowers scenting the way through the ravine. Hilltop caves are the home of Crete’s protected Kri-Kri goats and history of the hidden revolutionary uprising. Exciting highlights in the village of Therisso awaits you!


  • Hidden Treasures
    • hidden treasures

      Join us for our afternoon trip that will unravel its most valuable treasures, hidden for centuries, in small villages, wild ravines and off the beaten track hidden caves. Uncover our wine routes, tasting the nectar of the Gods, and discover old chapels all build inside caves hidden in a secret gorge ,and the majesty of the monastery of Metamorphosis build of stone.


  • Western Adventure
    • bluelagoon

      Our early afternoon tour offers you a classic way of discovering true hospitality. A journey that reveals myths of saints. Spilia cave is not only hosting stalagmites & stalactites but also offers scenic hiltop views. Τhe surrounding villages are home of the oldest olive tree in the Meditteranian. Not forgetting our local natural products: wine, raki, honey tasting all offered in this tour - cheers!


  • Orange Valley
    • orange-valley

      Our final afternoon tour offers a journey of Byzantine times, inland and through ripe orchards that offer scented/valley trails of fruit zest! River banks burst with natural and 'youthful' springs, the taste of which is positively unique. Visit an orange grove and collect oranges from the trees!


  • Water Park
    • Water Park


      Let's get wet, Crete's largest water-park offers fun for all ages, simply splash-tastic!


  • Moonlight Express
    • Moonlight Express


      The final afternoon tour offers the chance to discover the beauty of the hidden valley behind Platanias village and the glorious past of upper Platanias ,with 10min stop at the shelter-museum from the WWll.


The Fun Train

Seven Villages

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Heading westward to our first village we discover the tranquil and traditional way of local life at Gerani. Turning inland, we find ourselves amongst the sweet scented orchards of oranges, seasonal fruit farms and endless olive groves. Our second village is Manoliopoulo which offers us the simple surroundings of an untouched village and our first break for refreshments.Then we ascend through olive groves to Babiolo and a chance to try local products of the area. Descending to Koufos-home of the church of Agios Kir Ioannis to enjoy peaceful tranquility of a local village. Travelling on with magnificent views of the White Mountains through Alikianos back to the coast with views of the Aegean Sea.

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Eξόρμηση στην ενδοχώρα, περιήγηση σε μικρά προρτοκαλοχώρια (Λουτράκι, Μανωλιόπουλο) , με κρυμμένες βυζαντινές και ιστορικές εκκλησίες. Στάση για δοκιμή τοπικών προιόντων στο χωριό Μανωλιόπουλος. Ολοκληρώνουμε την εκδρομή μας με μια χαλαρωτική ανάπαυλα στο γραφικό χωριό Κουφός.

En resa på små vägar, för att upptäcka det inre landskapet, de antika kyrkorna och de gömda byarna. En tur där tiden har stått stilla - en ren avkoppling att se fram emot......

Poikkea tutulta tieltä ja löydä sisämaan kauniit maisemat, muinaiset kirkot ja piilossa olevat kylät. Kierros,jolla aika tuntuu pysähtyvän - aito rentoutuminen odottaa sinua...

En tur væk fra de asfalterede veje og ind i skønne naturomgivelser, hvor man kan opleve vidtstrækkende landskaber, gamle kirker og skjulte landsbyer. En tur, hvor tiden står stille og ren afslapning venter!

Eine ungewöhnliche Rundfahrt, in der Sie die innere Landschaft, antike Kirchen und versteckte Dörfer entdecken können. Eine Tour, in der es scheint, dass die Zeit stehen geblieben ist. Fahren Sie mit und entspannen Sie sich…

A l’intérieur du pays, petit tour, aux villages des oranges (Loutraki,Manoliopoulo) avec des églises pittoresques Byzantines, possibilité d’arrêt en dégustant les produits du pays. À Babiolo, et à Koufos notre dernier arrêt.

Уезжаем далеко от шума города чтобы обнаружить необычные пейзажи, старинные церкви и скрытые деревни. Тур, где ход времени останавливается и настоящий отдых ждет вас.

Nieutarte szlaki, przejażdżka w głąb lądu, stare cerkwie i ukryte wioseczki. Tutaj czas się zatrzyma, abyście mogli odda się pełnemu relaksowi!


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